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Running a successful independent café is hard work and very demanding on your time. We absolutely get that when you need to sort your business insurance it is easy to understand and tailored to you at the best possible price. We are focused on making buying your café insurance super simple, freeing you up to spend your time focusing on the more creative side of things like perfecting your brew or developing your sweet treat recipes. Just pop your business name and postcode into the box above, view your tailored price and purchase online in a few simple steps. Then you can get straight back to greeting your lovely customers.

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Is purchasing cafe insurance complex?

We offer three easy insurance packages, small, medium and large. They all include Public Liability, Employers Liability, cover for Stock and Contents, Legal Expenses, Business Interruption and Loss of Licence – all the things cafes have told us they need. As you increase your package size, the amount of cover increases along with the price. You can use our online slider to choose which package is best for you – it couldn’t be easier.

Our people are cafe and coffee shop insurance specialists. If you have any questions, or want to make tweaks, we are on hand to help. And our UK Claims Team bring personal service.

Do you offer cheap cafe insurance?

No – cheap suggests something that’s flimsy and poorly constructed, and that’s definitely not Expression. We offer our policies for a price that we hope will save you money, and will represent excellent value. Like you, we know it’s the experience that counts, and we are confident that you will have a great one!

What is cafe insurance?

Cafe insurance is important as it seeks to protect your cafe when things go wrong. The world is a complicated place, bad things can happen, some common and some very unusual. With this in mind, cafes will look to insure the cost of replacing food along with general contents such as the nice fixtures and fittings that decorate your dining space, and the professional equipment used by your baristas. Common reasons for a claim include fire, theft, and flood.

It is a legal requirement to purchase Employers Liability Insurance if you employ a member of staff, such as waiters for front of house. All of the Expression policies include £10m of Employers Liability cover.

As your eatery is all about your diners, you will also need to consider Public Liability Insurance. If a member of the public is injured or their property damaged, and you are found liable, our insurance policy would pay the damages, including claimant’s costs and expenses. The Expression Insurance packages start at £2m Public Liability for small cafes and moves up to £5m Public Liability cover for medium and large.

The most common scenario for a liability claim is a slip or trip, for example: ‘you forgot to repair a loose tile and a customer trips over breaking their leg and smashing their phone’ (A good reminder - fix anything like this when you first spot it!)

You need to fulfil your part of the insurance bargain too, by taking reasonable precautions to prevent bad things happening. This means having appropriate security precautions in place, maintaining your property properly and obeying the law – especially in terms of health and safety. If both sides do the right thing, insurance should not be complicated.

How much does cafe insurance cost?

The cost of cafe insurance can increase or decrease for several reasons, and these can change based on the insurance company you choose to work with. We look at traditional factors such as where your cafe is located. We also look at your customer reviews. If you are doing a good job and getting lots of positive reviews, we think you should be rewarded with a discounted price - a well-run cafe that pleases its customers will be a good insurance customer. Other factors that affect the price include the size of insurance package you require and how many claims you may have made in the past. Some insurance companies will automatically increase premiums at renewal - but not at Expression, we will always give you our best price every year. Some companies also charge administration fees - we will never do that - you shouldn’t have to pay for documents, or for getting help when you need it - that’s what we are here for!

Does Expression provide the best cafe insurance?

You’ll be the judge. We do offer what independent cafes have told us they really want – insurance that’s easy to understand, is competitively priced and provides a great claims service when you need it. We are fans of independent businesses, just like yours. You aren’t a number; you are a brilliantly creative and unique small business, owning your own barista niche on the high street, producing exciting and memorable menus and cultivating a long-term relationship with your diners. Our approach to insurance is the same, and we’d be delighted if you were to join us.

What kind of insurance does my Cafe need?

You need a policy that provides protection if the worst were to happen. This could include Stock and Contents insurance, Employers Liability, Public Liability and Products Liability Insurance. A simple package which includes all of this and more is available to our customers.

As insurers, we knew that big chains employ experts to choose their insurance and haggle on price. We wondered what independents do?

So, we talked to our local cafes and they told us that they'd love a package of covers with the best price offered to them first time. And, if this could be put together in a plain-English, time saving way, then all the better.

Much like choosing the best single origin coffee beans for a new blend, we spent over three years meticulously designing how our product would work, and who would be the best underwriter. That’s why we chose to work with Berkshire Hathaway, one of the most secure companies in the world (AA+ S&P). Their solidity, and our commitment to independent cafes and coffee shops, has meant we are able to include all of the following as standard:

We are proud to insure

Cafe Coho

At a time when I needed an Insurance policy, Expression Insurance were able to offer me the right price, with the right cover, first time. I did not feel I needed to shop around. It was all taken care of quickly and easily.

James Wilson - Founder of Cafe Coho